Sunday, 15 March 2009

You Can see from the poster that the Bank Job is a film poster that our film the Accountant would like to be like. A poster where you don't really know what is going on and very conventional which would suit our film opening. There is only one character on the front, showing this film is about this guy with the Bank Job wrote in bold writeing. The title wants the audience to know what the film is about, which makes them curious to how they do it or what happens to him. The picture for the film attracts the audience in a number of ways and makes you want to watch the film.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Film poster

The Italian job poster doesnt best describe our film 'The Accountent' but i have used it because it is a crime caper and the poster does look quite plain but this is for a reason. You can clearly see that this film is a crime caper with an ensamble cast as it has a lot of characters on the poster, you can also see who are the leaders and who arn't as the two at the front are big and bold and stand out as for a few at the back who are a little hidden. The big title 'the Italian Job' tells the aduience that there is going to be a job taking place and its going to be a good one.
the power of three is very effective on the poster 'Get in, Get out, Get even' this shows that something exciting happens in the film and makes the viewer really want to go and watch the film.


shot sequence

This is a shot sequence i created. i have used
still shot images from our final cut film 'The
Accountant'. I used nine different shots all varied at different parts of our film. I used the main character (Frank), the shooter and the driver and also used our production logo and some of our titles. I used this so a viwer can get a good look at some of the shots we used and see if the titles go with the film. I used different camera shots, there is some close ups and some mid shots of the characters.


Thursday, 12 March 2009

feedback on final cut

After showing our rough cut film to the group, we got some great feedback from them and we used that feedback for us to make our film better and improve it as much as possible in a short amount of time. We added in some extra shots, edited the voice over and added in the titles. All these extra shots and final bits of editing really made the film into seem like a real film.
The feedback was:
- The shot of when drink pouring in the glass
- A stylish film, some great shots and very exciting
- Good sounds used
- Titles worked well with the film
- The intro seemed a bit long
- The music over the titles was a bit fast

Overall as a group we were very pleased with our film and as were the others who had seen it. The feedback was good to hear and overall the group enjoyed our film as it was exciting and different.


Further Screen Shots


Film Poster

This film poster from Reservoir Dogs, would be similar to the poster of our film if it was advertised with a poster. It is saffisticated and not obvious of what the film is about and is very stylized. It is also quite unique and is unlike many film posters. From the poster it is clear that the film is targeting a saffistcated audience.


media continuety task

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